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Founders Talk

Founders Talk: Integrate London

Integrate London is a successful user experience design agency specialising in the financial sector counting brands such as HSBC, RBS and Barclays as clients. Founders Talk caught up with founder Guy Buchan to talk about the start of the business, developing a specialty and the importance of the UX process.

The UX Of OneNote vs Evernote

The UX Of OneNote vs Evernote

After OneNote went free to everyone this year it now sits as a direct competitor to Evernote. I decided to pit these titans against each other and see which came out victorious. So, after a week fiddling around with them both will I be switching to OneNote and more importantly, should you? Signup Wow. OneNote […]

Kazzy App Review

Kazzy: ToDo With A Twist

ToDo apps are pretty ubiquitous these days so its refreshing to see someone try and do something new in this space. Kazzy eschews the traditional list based design pattern in favour of a 12 hour time planner based on simple circular swipe gestures.

You are the uxer

If You Can’t See The UXer In The Room, You Are The UXer.

Even with the seemingly relentless tide of UX sweeping through businesses, large numbers of organisations remain where UX is an unknown or forgotten process. If you are a designer/developer in a team like this and you find yourself looking around at who your UX professionals are. That probably means you are the UX professional. Or […]

What is onboarding?

What is Onboarding?

Onboarding relates to those first tentative steps a user has with your product/service. It is made up of three key things:

Founders Talk

Founders Talk: Triptease, the early days

Alasdair Snow, co-founder of UK startup Triptease, talks to us about the early days, first versions and gives some advice for would-be founders.